About Us

Hello and Welcome to Westdale Tutoring! 



The tutors at Westdale Tutoring have a respect for and love of learning. With in-house training from the onsite Master of Teaching  manager, tutors put the most recent research based strategies to practice to produce academic and social excellence for all students. Some of these research based teaching strategies include, consideration of the multiple intelligences; scaffolding; integrated curriculum; three point lesson plans; interactive learning; culturally relevant pedagogy; intrinsic rewards. Tutors apply a compassionate, personalized and organized approach to working with parents and students; they respond to the needs of students and encourage input from parents.


Homework assistance; learning strategies and study skills; time management and organization for effective learning; as well as individualized academic support during the school year and the summer months are currently offered both on-site and in the home. Academic support is also provided for Grades 4-12 for the following school subjects:


·         Language Arts


·         Math


·         Science


 *If there is a subject not listed here that you would like tutoring for, we would be more than pleased to accommodate your child’s learning needs.